Interview Arranger is a cloud-based automated interview scheduling tool that will dramatically increase your consultant’s revenue by saving them a tremendous amount of time when arranging, confirming and tracking candidate interviews.

If you’re looking for a way to increase your recruitment consultant’s revenue while saving time and impressing your clients in the process. Then please take a look at Interview Arranger as it will change the way you book and manage candidate interviews forever! The product will help your recruitment business address common frustrations including: –

Interview Frustrations

  • Fee-earning consultants tied up with interview administration
  • Too many manual interview processes
  • Interview confirmation packs not being sent
  • Incorrect dates, times and information being sent
  • Forgetting to email clients to confirm booked interviews
  • Remembering to check that candidates are attending interviews the night before
  • Difficulty booking interviews on evenings and weekends
  • Visibility of upcoming interviews being lost
  • Remembering to prepare candidates for interviews
  • Chasing candidates for interview feedback

Software Benefits

  • Speed, send multiple interview invitations within seconds
  • More placements, consultants can focus on billing not admin
  • Reduced administration costs, due to the high level of automation
  • Better prepared candidates, the systems tracks candidates and reminds them to prepare
  • Fewer interview dropouts and no shows, candidates receive regular reminders for booked interviews
  • Reduced risk of human error, set the interview details up once and the rest is automated
  • 24/7 availability, candidates can book interviews anytime, all parties receive an instant confirmation
  • Easy to use, full user manual and training videos available
  • Brand building, promotes your business to clients and candidates

Software Features

  • Automated candidate, client and consultant interview confirmation packs
  • Colour coded smart dashboard to track all interview statuses
  • Automatic warning messages if candidates have not confirmed attendance
  • Integrated email and SMS messages
  • Ability to create custom email and SMS templates
  • Tracks candidates and reminds them to prepare for the interview
  • Consultant access can be locked to an IP address
  • Arranges dozens of interviews with a few mouse clicks
  • Customisable add your colour scheme and company logo
  • GDPR functionality built-in