Q. Who is Interview Arranger aimed at?

Our recruitment software has been specifically built for all types of recruitment agencies. It is already in use in recruitment agencies in the UK.

Q. Can I try it out before I buy?

Yes of course. We recommend booking a demo with one of our team. They can explain the features and talk you through the software.

Q. Do you offer training?

Yes. Our software has been carefully designed to minimise the need for training in order to reduce downtime and to ensure that your team are able to start using it straight away. It is intuitive and has easy to use features. We also provide training instructions in case of any queries.

Q. How many users can use the software at the same time?

We offer unlimited users. The cloud software is hosted on a fast secure server which means that your entire team can use it simultaneously with ease.

Q. Can I access the recruitment software on a mobile phone or tablet?

Yes, our software is responsive which means it can be used on different screen sizes.

Q. Can we import our data such as candidate details or customer information?

Yes, the software has an easy to use import facility to save you time.

Q. Where is our data stored and is it secure?

Yes, we use top-level security measures to ensure your data is stored safely on our server. We take security very seriously and we have invested in security measures to ensure your data is safe.

Q. Is the software compatible with Windows or Mac?

Interview Arranger is cloud-based software which means it is accessed via the internet using any device. It is compatible with all the major browsers and operating systems.