Client Feedback

“You are the most efficient recruitment agency that I have ever dealt with”.
A client, after a candidate booked in for their interview while they were will still on the phone to the consultant after giving interview dates.

“Well, I can see that you did everything you could to prepare your candidate for interview”.
A client, after a candidate accused our agency of not giving them the Job Description.
We shared the log files with the client and they could see that the candidate had downloaded the Job Description 14 times.

“I cannot believe that you are scheduling interviews for us at 10pm on a Sunday evening”.
A client after a candidate booked an interview out of hours.

“Your investment in building this system shows how much you care about your clients and candidates”.

“I love it when candidates confirm their interview a few days before, I know with confidence that I am not wasting the line managers time”.

“It’s easier to use you because I know I never need to chase you on arranging interviews”.

“Can we buy it”.

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Consultant Feedback

“When will it be back live, I need to arrange ten interviews, and I am not doing it manually”.
A consultant when the portal was down for 30-minute maintenance.

“What the hell did we do before the portal”.
A consultant after the portal arranged and confirmed three interviews in a matter of minutes.

“Why did we not think of this before, it saved me so much time”.

“I love the fact that once I send the invite, there is nothing else to do”.

Candidate Feedback

“The portal is amazing. I have never seen anything like it”.

“The portal saved me, I was outside the factory, and I had forgotten the interviewer’s name, one click on my phone and I had all the details.”

“I am not the most organised with my emails, so I love the fact that all the interview documents are on the cloud”.

“You must have spent a small fortune setting this system up”.

“I have never had an agency do this much to help me prepare for my interview”.

“Just amazing, it’s so easy to use. I booked my interview while I sat next to my boss”.

“I think your portal had secured me my next job”.

“I think the email to remind me to do some extra preparation the night before swung it for me”.

“The interview portal is not like anything I have seen before”.

“I am often able to invite candidates for interview, while the client is still on the phone after calling to give interview slots, sometimes candidates will book their interview during the call”

“I still get a buzz when I see candidates booking interviews on the weekend”.

Rhys Williams
Inventor of interview arranger and recruitment director