Fast Results

Candidates can book interviews with a few clicks on their smartphone. Consultants can arrange dozens of interviews with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Improved Productivity

No more back and fore with clients and candidates. Add the interview slots and send out the invitations. Candidates can book in at any time.

Secure Data Storage

All your data is stored securely.  Options to lock consultant access to an IP address and or disable copying to the clipboard.

Highly Automated

No more manual interview confirmations. All confirmations and interview check-ins managed automatically with minimal human input needed.

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Built For Recruitment Agencies

Interview Arranger will increase your revenue and save you time by solving common frustrations including

  • Fee-earning consultants tied up with interview administration
  • Too many manual interview processes
  • Interview confirmation packs not being sent
  • Difficulty booking interviews on evenings and weekends
  • Visibility of upcoming interviews being lost
  • Remembering to prepare candidates for interviews
  • Incorrect dates, times and information being sent
  • Forgetting to email clients to confirm booked interviews
  • Remembering to check that candidates are attending interviews the night before
  • Chasing candidates for interview feedback
  • Too much back and fore with clients and candidates
  • Running out of space on your interview board

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